How to Make No-Sew Phifertex Placemats

Looking for an easy, no-sew, quick project to spruce up your table decor? Try making these copper tone vinyl-coated polyester placemats that give off a fall vibe and work perfectly for decorating your table around the holidays!

You can use any Phifertex fabric for this project. There are many different colors and unique weaves available that are beautiful on their own, but we used spray paint to make them match the rest of our table decor.





Step 1: Measure & Cut

Measure and cut your placemats to your desired dimensions. My placemats will be 14 by 20 inches.

Clean up any frayed edges.

Step 2: Applying The Paint

Apply a couple coats of the metallic spray. Once the paint is dry, flip the placemats over and apply a couple coats to the other side. Let it dry completely, then apply clear coat to both sides.

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