How to Sew Sequin Fabric

Sequin is a trendy fabric that can be used in a variety of projects from décor and crafts to apparel.

But while it is beautiful and great for adding lots of sparkle and dimension to your project, sewing sequins can be a little tricky.

Weather it be a dance costume that’s being made from scratch or your favorite party shirt that your friend ripped when they borrowed it last, you might need a hand in sewing it just right (and this is important) the first time.

Here’s a guide to help you through it.

Tools of the Trade

DON’T (seriously) DON’T use fabric scissors on sequins. It will ruin them.

DO use the longest stitch length on your machine.

Also, DO use the thinnest and sharpest needle available to you.

needle-needle New Needle

Method #1 - The "All Purpose" Method

Use scissors, a seam ripper, or your fingers to separate the sequins along the line where you will be sewing.

separate-sequin-2 Separate Sequin

Sew and then iron the seam open by using a press cloth and a low heat setting on your iron.  This method is great for décor and crafts as it creates a flat and clean seam.

finished-seam-method-1 Finished Seam Method #1

Method #2 - Lining Method

This method is great for apparel, as it adds a layer of protection so the individual sequins don’t feel scratchy.

Pull off any loose sequin and brush all the sequins so they are laying in the same direction. Place your pieces on top of each other with right sides facing.

place-fabric-with-right-sides-facing Place Fabric with Right Sides Facing

Use a 1-inch strip of lightweight fabric like tulle or chiffon and place it on the wrong side of the fabric then sew using a half inch seam allowance.

place-chiffon-over-the-seam Place Chiffon Over the Seam
sew-chiffon-to-both-pieces-of-sequin Sew Chiffon to Both Pieces of Sequin

Fold the tulle over and zig zag stitch the tulle to the inside of the seam.

fold-the-ciffon-over-to-the-other-side Fold the Chiffon Over to the Other Side
zig-zag-stitch Zig Zag Stitch

Open the fabric up and hand stitch the seam allowance to one side.

hand-sew-the-seam-allowance-to-one-side Hand Sew the Seam Allowance to One Side
finished-seam-method-2 Finished Seam Method #2

Method #3 - The Removal Method

The last method that you can use with sequin can be used for many applications but mostly when the seam is not fully visible on the finished product or when you will be adding a zipper.

Using a seam ripper, tear out the sequins along the line you will be sewing.

tear-away-sequin Tear Away Sequin

Sew regularly and iron open using a press cloth.

finished-seam-method-3 Finished Seam Method #3

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