How to Upcycle Jeans Into a Skirt

Holes in the jeans? That’s pretty common for most people who love their jeans and wear them out so much that it can create holes. I know, I’m one of them! In this tutorial I took an old pair of my jeans that had a hole in the crotch area and turned them into a jean skirt! I hate throwing clothes away and I always look to see how I can upcycle something to save it from going into the trash. So, here we go!




Measure the length

For my length I’ve decided on 14 inches, so I’m going to measure down 14 inches from the top, down to the 14 inch mark and pin. Then from there I’m going to make sure the jeans are lying really flat on the table and I’m going to take the tape measure and I’m just going to measure from pin to pin, making sure that it’s even, and in the middle I’m gonna mark right where the tape measure is on both sides. So now I’m gonna cut a straight line all the way across using the pins as a guide.

Cutting the triangles

Cut along the crease to the middle, and then right up to the end of the fly. Do the same for the other side. Now flip it over, and cut out a triangle on the back. I’m cutting mine up to the bottom of the pockets. On the front overlap the top layer, pin, and stitch from the bottom of the fly down to where the layers meet.

Making the triangles

Take one of the legs and cut down the seam. Take the wrong side of the denim and insert it under the skirt. Make sure everything is flat. Draw a triangle that’s a little bit bigger than this triangle here. Now cut out the triangle. Flip it over and trace another piece for the back of the skirt. And finally I’m going to pin and stitch the triangles, and I’m going to use the wrong side of the fabric just so it has a different wash and a different design to it. Now just even out the hem. Make sure the back is a little bit longer than the front.

Now it’s finished! I decided to leave the hem unfinished for an edgier look, but if you want a cleaner look, just fold the hem over twice and stitch.

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