How to Use Rit Color Remover

Rit Color Remover is a great product designed to remove colors from fabrics without having to use harsh chlorine bleach. Regular bleach damages the fibers in fabrics so if you go to re-dye them a different color afterwards, your results may not be consistent or may not turn out how you are expecting them to.

Rit Color Remover works on cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie, rayon and nylon and leaves a blank slate that is ready to be dyed.

Here’s how you use it-

Start by washing your fabric in warm soapy water. Then, start to boil a pot of water. Once it is simmering, add a package of Rit color remover and stir.

You can also use it in a washing machine but the stove top method will provide the best results because of the sustained heat.

add-color-remover-2 Add color remover

Wet your fabric, and then add it to the bath of water, stirring it until you have reached your desired results which should be about 10-30 minutes.

stir-fabric Stir

I tried this method on a variety of clothes to show you how it works

The first item I removed color from was this a purple pair of pajama pants. The pants themselves are made out of cotton but I realized after I removed the color that the thread did not change color at all. So that is an important thing to note about clothing. Often times the thread used to sew together the garment is synthetic and cannot have the color removed.

pajama-pants-before-after PJ pants before and after
pajama-pants-after-detail PJ pants after

The next garment was a cotton polyester blend that has a brightly colored pattern on the whole shirt. This was the least successful garment in this batch. The trim of the shirt had its color removed while the body stayed pretty much the same. It was definitely a little surprising, considering the cotton was the main fiber that made up the blend, but it’s important to note that you may not always be able to remove color with this method depending on the material.

patterned-top-before-after Patterned top before and after
patterned-top-after-detail Patterned top after

The last three garments, we ended up doing two rounds of color remover.

The black shirt came out well after 2 rounds though not as light as some of the other items. This could be because of how dark the material was to begin with or because the shirt was not actually a cotton dominant blend, like it said on the tag.

black-shirt-before-after Black shirt before and after

The thread was also not changed by the color remover because it is fully synthetic.

The second round didn’t remove the pattern from these pants even though they are cotton. It’s possible that they are actually a poly cotton blend but Rit does say that it may not remove patterns and prints.

brown-pants-before-after Brown pants before and after
brown-pants-after-detail Brown pants after

After the first round the jeans came out a bright yellow which was very surprising! After trying again the results were much better. If you want to use the color remover on blue jeans, keep in mind Rit states it will not work on the indigo color of many jeans.

jeans-before-after Jeans before and after
jeans-after-detail Jeans after

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