How to Use RIT White Wash and Brightener

Today I am going to show you how whiten clothes without using bleach. Instead, we are going to brightening these fabrics using two different RIT fabric treatments.

The first product I am going to use is Rit white wash. This product is specifically to remove stains from white clothes and make clothes whiter.

The second product I will be using is Rit whitener and brightener. This is going to brighten white clothes but this one can also can be used on brightly colored clothes that have started to dull.





RIT White Wash

For demonstrational purposes, I am going to show you how to use this product with a top loading washing machine, but you can use a front loader as well, you are just going to want to follow the instructions that I go over later in the video for the Rit whitener and Brightener.

White wash removes stains from white clothes without using chemical bleach which can damage the fibers and will cause your fabric to age prematurely.

White wash will remove yellow staining from your white clothes, and will tackle even tougher stains like grass, grease, and makeup. You can also use it on more delicate fabrics like silk and lingerie.

RIT White Wash can be used on – can be used on Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Rayon, Ramie, Nylon, Viscose, Modal, Tulle, & Hemp

Once your washer has filled, add your detergent and the white wash powder.

For small to medium loads you can use one package of white wash, but for larger loads you are going to want to use two.

Make sure that the cycle is more than 30 minutes long and use the hottest water that is safe for your fabric.

Once the machine starts agitating the water, add your fabric but do not overfill the machine. You want to make sure that there is plenty of space for your fabric to move around freely.

RIT Whitener & Brightener

I am going to be using Rit whitener and brightener in a front-loading machine, but you should follow the instructions from earlier in the video for the top loading machine if that’s what you have.

Start washing your clothes like usual with the hottest water safe for your fabric and make sure that the cycle is longer than 30 minutes.

Add your detergent to the dispenser and then add your fabric brightener. If you are using the powder version, you should dissolve the powder in a few cups of water before putting it in the dispenser.

Finally rinse it out with several more cups of hot water and once the cycle is complete you can dry the fabric like usual.

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