Iron-On Patch Hacks for Denim

Ripped your favorite jeans? Save them with these iron-on patch hacks.

Using Dritz Denim Iron-On Patches, we’ll show you how to fix a rip that ripped too far, a ripped belt loop, and the worn inner thighs of jeans.

Iron-on patches are also available in other types of fabrics.

See the video instructions at the bottom of the page.

These patches are washable so you can wash your jeans as needed.

Did a hole in your jeans rip bigger than you wanted it to?

Sew the rip closed loosely using a needle and thread. Use an iron-on patch to mend the new rip and keep it from tearing further. Make sure you iron the patch on the inside of your garment.

denim-iron-on-patches-16 The rip is fixed so it won't open more than you want


Ripped your belt loop while putting on your jeans?

Simply cut an iron-on patch down to about double the size of the hole and iron it on. Using a needle and thread, sew the belt loop back in place for extra reinforcement so the belt loop can be even stronger than it was before.

denim-iron-on-patches-17 The ripped belt loop is fixed!


Wore down the inner thigh of your jeans to the point where they’re ripping?

With the jeans inside out, iron a patch onto the inner thigh. Turn the jeans right side out and use a sewing machine to sew back and forth along the vertical threads.

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