Lamé Fabric Product Guide

Lamé is a thin fabric that can be used for apparel and crafts. It’s found in a lot of evening wear and trim, but is also popular for DIY projects like table runners and party decor. Theater productions will use lame as a backdrop on stage because of its shimmer and ability to drape easily.

Slipper lamé is 100% polyester and has a smooth surface with a little bit of a sheen.

Liquid lamé, also made of a 60/40 Polyester/Metallic blend, has a subtle sheen to it with a smooth surface and drapes beautifully.

Tissue lamé, made of 51% Metallic and 49% Nylon, is thin and has a shiny surface but doesn’t drape as well as the others.

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When working with lamé fabric, be careful not to get it caught on sharp edges as it snags easily. Using clips is recommended but you can use pins in the seam allowance, just keep in mind that pin holes will show.

Using a short stitch length and light weight needle is best when sewing lamé, and going slowly will help prevent it from getting snagged. This fabric does fray easily, so we recommend finishing the seams with bias tape or a double folded hem.

Since lamé is sensitive to heat, it should not be ironed, this may crinkle or melt the fabric. Instead, you can steam it at low heat. Do not machine wash lamé, this fabric is dry clean only.

lame2 A skirt made with Silver/White Liquid Lame Fabric

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