National Sewing Month Contest Winners

In honor of National Sewing Month, we held a photo contest for our favorite customer project. We got lots of great submissions making it really, really hard to choose!

In the spirit of Halloween, we picked this ghost doll by Angela Clark as the winner of the $150 gift card. But we couldn’t leave it just there. We also chose 4 honorable mentions who will get $25 gift cards!

Thanks to all of you who participated. We loved seeing how creative you are! See some more of the submissions on Instagram at #OFSmakers.

Winner! Halloween Ghost Doll

Angela Clark of Poppywise Productions used cheesecloth to make this Halloween ghost doll. Here’s what she said about it:

“I’m a doll artist, and I use materials from OFS everyday. I have collectors around the world and have been published in magazines, and OFS products are always a part of every project I create.

My entry is one of my signature pieces – a Tattered Witch Ghostie. I struggled for a long time with poor quality and overly expensive cheesecloth until I found it at Online Fabric Store. My ghost dolls are composed of several layers of dyed cheesecloth which I rip and tear for a “loved for a 100 years look”. I don’t buy the cheesecloth anywhere else anymore, and stock up like a crazy lady when OFS has a sale.

Thank you for providing exactly what I need!”

You’re welcome Angela! Thanks for making really cool things with our fabric!

Honorable Mentions

Cotton Duck Jacket

Thanks to @njtsieling for submitting this beautiful jacket made with our dyed canvas! Here’s what she said with her Instagram submission:

“Cooler temperature have finally arrived and I got to wear my favorite jacket today. It’s made of 9.3 oz moss green cotton duck from @onlinefabricstore which I softened and fatigued. Embroidery designs are from @urbanthreadsemb and sewn by my faithful Bernina.”

Child’s Sleeper Sofa

And now something fun for the kids! Thanks to Debra Williams for submitting this sleeper sofa made with Brown/Ivory Pony Velboa Faux Fur and 60″ Single Fill 12 Oz Duck for the interior part of the sofa. See the rest of our Velboa Faux Fur for more soft animal prints.

Clear Vinyl Greenhouse

Paul C. made this deck greenhouse with 16 Gauge Clear Vinyl. Clear vinyl is popular for greenhouses and this is an outstanding example! We’ll let him describe the well-designed details:

“The structure is 10 feet by 8 feet and stands a little over 8 feet tall.  The vinyl was attached with stainless steel staples and strips of old bicycle tube cut to about 1 ” wide and meant to seal the plastic, followed by cedar ‘lathe’ as a cap to hold it all on.  The seal created is excellent and resists wind and rain perfectly. The vinyl is very clear, so our oceanfront view is not as obstructed, (except by plants), yet strong. The two doors on either end of the building are screened and open against the prevailing wind, while the upper 1/2 of the door is covered by a vinyl covered ‘gull-winged’ panel that is hinged to open the opposite direction funneling breezes into the structure.  This helps cool the greenhouse on extremely hot days, and when closed seals the greenhouse against cooler temperatures.  A narrow window, approximately 8″ wide and running the length of the building, drops down to assist in ventilation during the day and closes tight at night, to conserve heat.”

Upholstered Armchair

Kathy Inglima upholstered this awesome armchair using Swavelle / Mill Creek Toroli Aqua Fabric. This is her first time upholstering a wing back chair. Great pattern mixing!

See more customer photos at #OFSmakers on Instagram.