Organza Fabric Product Guide

Organza is a sheer, crisp, lightweight apparel fabric that is mostly found in evening and bridal gowns. It is known for its volume and body that makes a gown look full. It’s transparent and stiffer with a little less of a drape than other sheer fabrics like chiffon. It wrinkles more easily, but creates more volume. Organza is also popular for sheers and wedding and event decorations like table skirts, overlays, and draping.

Organza comes in many varieties, with many textures and colors. They are all lightweight and sheer with plenty of body and volume, but not a lot of stretch.

Mirror organza has a highly reflective surface, an almost mirror-like sheen. It’s 100& polyester and available in dozens of colors.

Crystal organza is also similar to mirror organza, but has a sparkly sheen and is 100% nylon.

Sparkle organza is also polyester but has clusters of sparkling, diamond-like raised embellishments.

Silk organza is 100% silk, which makes it optimal for dyeing and painting. It has a crisp texture and firm hand. It’s machine washable, but there may be some shrinkage. Dry cleaning is usually recommended for silk.

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Cutting organza fabric is easier than most sheer fabrics because its stiffer. Still, it may be difficult. If so, it helps to pin the fabric to tissue paper before cutting, then cut through both layers.

Organza is known to fray quite easily. After cutting and before sewing its a good idea to prevent this. One method is to melt the edges with a hot knife or small flame. A simpler method is to apply fray check. Fray check may leave a cloudy residue, but it shouldn’t show in the finished product if it stays inside the seam allowance.

Use a sharp needle when sewing organza, size 11 to 14 should work. Organza can pucker easily, so it helps to use a longer stitch length. If the fabric starts to slip when you sew, you may want to baste stitch beforehand. Its a good idea to finish the edges with a French seam or similar narrow hem.

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