Meet The DIY Mommy

Christina Dennis first started her blog The DIY Mommy as a hobby and now it’s her full time job. In her blog, she writes about DIY projects, home decor and lifestyle. Christina resides in Alberta, Canada with her husband and three young daughters. Here’s what she has to say about her blog, inspirations, being a mom, and where she would like to be 10 years.

The DIY Mommy

About The DIY Mommy

“I wanted a creative outlet that I could maintain at home after becoming a new mom in 2009. I love to make things, I love to take photos, and I love to write so starting a blog was the perfect option. I love interacting with people who also love to create things. My blog has helped me build a lot of friendships online and in real life!” Christina loves attending blogging conferences and brand events where she can meet people in real life and make connections. Today in the blogging world social media is a must in order for your blog to be recognized and generate readers. “Sharing my photos and my projects on social media has really helped me to create a community of people that support me and my blog. Working with other bloggers has been a great way to make like-minded friends, learn new things, and grow in our industry.” 

Christina is no doubt busy not only with her blog but also being a mom of three daughters. “Becoming a mom was what inspired me to find a job that I could work at from home. I don’t think I would have ever thought of blogging as a possible pass time – and later a business – if I hadn’t had my children. I might still be working at an office in graphic design.”  With a design background, and having a family of her own, Christina says inspirations come mostly from needs. “I often find inspiration from necessity – our family might need something and I can’t buy it anywhere, so I’m inspired to make it! I’m also inspired by history, by nature, and by my children.”

Christina has created many projects over the years but there’s one that she’s proud of the most. “I’m most proud of the home that my husband and I designed and built ourselves. We’re continually working on it, but it keeps getting more and more beautiful the more work we put into it!” When we asked her where she sees her blog in 10 years…..”I have no clue because the blogging industry is constantly changing, but I hope I’ll still be making things and sharing the how-to’s with the world. It might be more by video, it might be solely via social media, there might be a whole new way of sharing, but I’m excited to see where the blogging industry goes!”

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