Upholstery Denim Fabric Product Guide

Upholstery denim varies from medium weight to heavy weight and has a strong tear resistance.

Bull denim is 100% cotton and is typically used for slipcovers, casual window treatments, upholstery, and apparel. Unlike typical jeans denim, bull denim is dyed after it is woven, making it a solid, uniform color. Jeans denim is woven with a colored yarn (usually indigo) going in one direction and white yarn going in the other.

The difference between regular bull denim and topsider bull denim is the weight. The regular is 9 oz per square yards, while the topsider bull denim is heavier at 11.5 oz. The 9 oz bull denim is a good weight for apparel, hats, bags, slipcovers, and light upholstery. Topsider bull denim is most commonly used for upholstery and slipcovers, but can be used for other things when a heavy weight is needed.

Classic washed denim is also 100% cotton with a washed finish. Weighting in at 14 oz., it’s heavier than bull denim, and durable enough for upholstery projects. It has a washed finish, which refers to its soft texture. Unlike the bull denim, this fabric is woven with two colors but is available in more than just blue. This heavy denim is great for upholstery.

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The manufacturer specifies most of the upholstery denim as dry clean only, but many people choose to wash it. There may be some shrinkage, so if you choose to wash it, always pre-wash. Our customers report little to no shrinkage when washed on cold and air dried. The fabric shrinks more when heat is used in the washing or drying process.

Some of the denim has a “washed” finish. This does not necessarily mean it was pre-washed, just that it has the softer feel and texture denim gets when washed.

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