Wallpaper: Single Rolls vs. Double Rolls

Purchasing wallpaper for the first time can be a little confusing. With so many industry terms being tossed around, how does the average person know what to purchase and what to expect when their package arrives? At OnlineFabricStore, we want you to be able to make the most informed decision possible.

So, what does the term “double roll” actually mean?

Wallpaper is typically packaged by the manufacturer in either single rolls or double rolls. A double roll is simply double the length of a single roll. When you order a double roll, it will arrive on one single bolt but will be twice the length of a standard roll of wallpaper.

Double Roll Pricing

It’s common for companies to advertise the single roll price even if the wallpaper is only manufactured in double rolls. You have to select a quantity in multiples of two, so the smallest quantity you can get is double the advertised price. Also, you may expect the wallpaper to come on 2 rolls instead of one double roll. This is misleading and confusing.

At OFS, if a wallpaper is manufactured as a double roll, we show the double roll price even though it is twice the single roll price. The price is per double roll, the quantity is in double rolls, and you receive double rolls. Simple!

We also provide the single roll price and the price per square foot to make shopping and comparing wallpaper as easy as possible.

Why Double Rolls?

There are a few reasons the industry has accepted this method. One is to cut down on extra packaging. Another is to account for the small amount of wallpaper waste that professionals and DIYer’s alike end up producing throughout their project. The most important reason though, is so you have more than enough wallpaper to reach down the length of your wall. If your wall is taller than average, you want to have enough paper to cover the whole length with one continuous piece.


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