How to Add Pockets to Clothing

Why don’t they make women’s clothing with pockets?

I will never understand and truthfully will never forgive clothing manufacturers for the lack of storage space in my clothing. My guy friends can hold their phone, wallets, keys, a can of soda, their favorite novel, and snacks galore with ease. But if I don’t want to carry a purse with me that day, I am doomed to hold all my valuables in my hands and just hope that I don’t put something important down and forget to pick it back up. (Or put it in the pockets of my male friends as a way of fighting back this unfair system. It’s a loosing and silent battle but at least I won’t lose my wallet this way, okay, don’t judge.)


I am done with this foolishness! So, if you are like me and are fed up with the injustice that is the lack of pockets in women’s clothing look no further.

Clara interjects: Or make a wristlet! OK, so not quite as good as pockets but the next best thing when pockets are too small or clothing is too tight for pockets that are actually useable. Back to you, Alyssa!

Here’s an easy way to add pockets to any clothing that has a side seam. (MOST of your clothes)





Step 1: Make a template

Make a template for your pocket by tracing a line about an inch out from your hand at a 45-degree angle on a piece of paper. Cut out the template. Fold your coordinating fabric and cut out two pieces using the template. Then flip the template and cut out pocket pieces for the other side.

Step 2: Mark pocket placement

Try on your garment and decide where you would like the pockets to lay. Mark it with chalk or a fabric marker.

Step 3: Rip out the seam

Flip and garment inside out. Using a seam ripper, tear out the seams where you have marked where the pockets will lay and ½ of an inch above and below the marks.

Step 4: Pin and sew together

Make sure you are sewing with right sides facing and the seam is facing towards the inside of the garment so when its finished the raw edges are hidden. After you have pinned the pocket just look at the right side, if it looks bad re-pin it.

Match the flat edge of one half of your pocket fabrics along one side of the open seam with right sides facing together and pin.

Now sew this pocket half to your garment and repeat the same steps on the other side of the open seam.

You can use a regular straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. I am using a zigzag so it’s extra sturdy.

Now with the right sides of the pocket fabric facing together, sew around the pocket starting and stopping about an inch above and below where you ripped out the seam. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Step 5: turn right side out and press

Turn the garment right side out and press with an iron. Now your pocket project is complete.

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