How to Attach Drapery Weights

Drapery weights are used in the hem of curtains to make them hang straighter and improve the drape. There are several kinds of weights and different ways to add them.

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How to Attach Drapery Weights

Weighted drapery tape is easy to install and is particularly good for sheers. Simply lay it at the bottom of the hem across the width of the curtain. You can tack it with a couple stitches at the ends to hold it in place.

dw25_1 Weighted drapery tape

Vinyl covered weights are great for outdoor curtains because they can withstand getting wet.

Cloth covered drapery weights can easily be sewn into hems or tucked into corners.

Here’s how we added them to a set of box pleat curtains. First, iron a double folded hem.

1-14 Create a double folded hem

Unfold the hem partway and tack a weight so it’s lined up with the raw edge or slightly below. We placed the weight about 2 and 1/2″ in from the sides for this particular curtain. Hand stitch the weight to the fabric. It doesn’t have to look neat.

It’s generally a good idea to use drapery weights in at least the two bottom corners so the curtains hang straighter. You can also use them in between the corners, especially for wider drapes.

2-12 Hand sew the drapery weights to the fabric

When your weights are attached, fold the hem back up and finish making the curtains.

box-pleat-curtains-half-closed-sm-2 Inverted Box Pleat Curtains

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