How to Fix Old Ugg Boots

Living in New England is such a blessing and such a curse. On one hand we have ALL the seasons. On the other hand WE HAVE ALL THE SEASONS (Winter, Fool’s Spring, Second Winter, Spring… of deception, Third winter, Mud season, Actual Spring… you get it)

Ask my UGG’s how they feel about it. They can’t answer, because they’re shoes but also because they’re caked in salt residue. I can’t bring myself to replace them though because they are my favorite and they fit me like a glove at this point.

So I set out to bring some life back to my babies. I figured it would be a process, but you (and I) will be glad to know that it takes less than an hour to bring your boots from their old gross self to their former glory!

Here’s my process. How do you bring life back to ruined clothes?

Cean Your Ugg’s

Stuff the boots with paper so they hold their shape.

Brush all the visible dirt off the boots with a suede brush.

Using one part water one part white vinegar, with a sponge, dab the mixtures lightly but evenly in small sections around your boots. After each section, brush with a suede brush.

Unique Stitch

On easily seal-able rips, follow the instructions on the Dritz Unique Stitch Fabric Glue package, seal the rip and clamp closed for a half an hour until dry.

Sew Rips

For rips that are stretched, apply the Unique Stitch lightly and using a needle and thread, pull closed the rip as gently as possible. Clamp and wait for it to dry.

Apply Rust-Oleum Never Wet

Following the directions on the Rust-Oleum NeverWet Boot & Shoe Water Repellent, spray evenly on the boots and allow to dry. See our How to Weatherproof Boots and Shoes tutorial for details.

Useful Links

Get Never Wet to make your shoes water resistant!