How to Make a Kitchen Laundry Bag

Today I am going to be showing you how to make a kitchen laundry bag. Lately, I’ve needed a place to collect dirty wash cloths and towels so I decided to make a laundry bag for the kitchen to go underneath my cabinets. This bag can easily be made into any size to fit the needs of your space by simply changing the measurements of your first rectangles.





Step 1: Cut the fabric

The care instructions recommend dry cleaning, but you can wash this material if you wish. There are risks to washing, here is what could happen should you choose to wash your décor fabrics. In general, if you plan on washing the project in the future, you should pre wash your fabric.

Measure and cut two 16” x 12” pieces of fabric. You can make this bag any size, but for me, this was perfect to fit inside of my kitchen cabinets.

Also, cut out two 4×1.5” inch strips of fabric.

I’m using a medium weight décor fabric.

Step 2: Sew together

Pin or clip your rectangles with the right sides together, then sew around the edges, leaving the top open.

Fold the smaller strips in half the long way with right sides together and sew up the edge. Then, flip the strips right side out.

Iron open all of the seams and iron the strips flat.

Now, fold the bottom corners so the seams match up and with your ruler, mark up the seam two inches from the corner. I like to mark across to the edges because then you are going run each side through the sewing machine.

Once you have sewn the corners, clip off the excess fabric. This method of giving your bag a box shaped bottom is really great for many projects, because it adds a little dimension which in turn gives you more room to fit stuff in there.

Turn your bag right side out.

Fold over the top edge of the bag ¼” two times to hide the raw edge and iron it in place.

Take your small strips and clip them 2” from each side seam on the back of your bag. I am going to tuck the ends just under the fold for a nice clean finish. You want these strips to form a loop so you can hang your laundry bag.

Finally sew around the top edge of the bag. And now your bag is complete.

To hang this laundry bag, I am using command strip hooks, but there are many more permanent solutions that you could use depending on your situation.

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