How to Make Fabric Paper Towel Rolls

Today I am going to show you how to make reusable paper towels. The material on this fabric paper towel roll clings together, so they can be used on cardboard tubes. That way they’ll fit on your existing paper towel holder.

These unpaper towels are a little different than the ones that we had made in a previous video. They actually cling to themselves because of the flannel material as opposed to the snap method that you saw previously. I personally find this to be more functional in my home, but they are not quite as absorbent as the others, so I will link the other method here and, so you can decide what works best for you.




Step 1: Cut the Fabric

For this project, it is really important to pre wash your fabric, so don’t leave that step out.

Cut out rectangles of fabric that are 11.5” x 9.5”.

Step 2: Sew

The easiest way to sew these towels is with a serger. Obviously, I know that most people don’t have one of these machines, so I’m not going take too much time explaining this method, but it really just involves serging around the edges.

The next way you can make your reusable paper towels is to sew around the edges using an overlock stitch on your sewing machine. A lot of sewing machines will have a setting that will work for you, but if your sewing machine doesn’t have any of these stitches, you can use a zig zag stitch right along the edges and that should keep your fabric from fraying just fine.

The last, and admittedly most time-consuming method, is by hand stitching an overlock stitch. We recently put out a tutorial on how to do this stitch so I will link that here if you are interested in learning how.

Step 3: Roll Up the Towels

Putting these towels on the roll is really easy. I lay them out flat with the edges slightly overlapping each other. And then you just roll it up.

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