How to Use Weighted Drapery Tape

Weighted drapery tape is used in the hem of curtains to help them hang straight and not flair out at the bottom.

This tape comes in different widths and has weights stitched into the fabric covering at regular increments. Wider tapes are primarily used for heavy curtains and stage curtains. Smaller tapes can be used for medium to heavy draperies.

Weighted tape is easy to sew into the hem because it just needs to be secured at the ends instead of sewing in individual weights.

There are different ways of hemming curtains, but however you do it, just make sure the weighted tape is secured at the ends so it stays in place.


Lay out the weighted tape along the hem.

lay-out-tape Lay out tape

You may have to remove weights on the ends where it will be sewn to the hem.

you-may-have-to-remove-end-weights You may have to remove end weights

Fold and Pin

Fold it into the bottom of the hem and pin at the ends.

pin-down-tape Pin down tape


Sew the tape to the hem.

sew-it-in-place Sew it in place

To find out how to sew the hem shown here, see our How to Make Inverted Box Pleat Curtains tutorial.

inverted-box-pleat-curtians Inverted Box Pleat Curtains

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