How to Make a Ruffled Sequin Pillow

Check out this simple ruffled pillow made with reversible sequins. This fabric is trendy and fun, and great for décor!

For tips on how to sew sequins, see our how to sew sequins tutorial.


How to Make a Sequin Ruffle Pillow



Step 1: Cut the fabric & make the ruffles

If you’re using a different sized pillow form, modify your measurements.

Cut two 14 inch circles out of the sequin fabric.

Cut two 5 by 50 inch rectangles out of the satin fabric.

Fold the satin in half lengthwise and clip. Sew two straight lines down the open edge using upholstery thread. Use the longest stitch length on your sewing machine.

Leave about 6 inches of thread at the beginning and end of each line of stitching.

Pull on the thread to create the ruffles. The upholstery thread is string so you can pull the thread without it breaking. See our how to make ruffles tutorial for details.

Step 2: Sew together

Make sure that the ruffled edge is sticking out enough so that after sewing, the stitching on the ruffles won’t be visible.

Clip the sequin fabric pieces together with right sides facing together.

Sandwich the ruffled satin in between with the sewn edge of the satin sticking out a little.

Sew around the edge with a half inch seam allowance. Leave an opening of about 5 to 7 inches.

Back stitch at the beginning and end.

Step 3: Insert the pillow form

Flip the pillowcase right side out.

Stuff the pillow form through the opening.

If there’s too much extra fabric, trim it down. If there’s not enough, cut another 5 inch wide strip and sew it to the first strip.

Fold the raw edge of the satin and place it over the other end of the satin.

Sew with a few stitches to keep it in place.

Sew the opening closed by going in and out of all the layers.

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