Workout Tank Tops from T-shirts

Learn 2 simple ways to upcycle old t-shirts into light and comfy workout tank tops. There are many ways to turn t-shirts in to workout tanks, but these are really quick and easy because they involve no sewing.

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Method 1

For this first shirt I’m going to cut off the neckline and the arms, and make a tie for the front.

When cutting the neckline, it’s best to cut around the original stitch line.

Fold the shirt in half and line up the sleeves. Cut about 1/2 an inch away from the original seam, down to about 1 inch below the armhole.

Unfold the shirt and flip it to the back side. Cut up the side seam on both sides about 6 inches.

From the top of the cuts you just made, cut across the back of the shirt from one side to the other. Make sure you’re only cutting through one layer of fabric.

Flip to the front side and fold in half.

Starting just above the original hem, cut at an angle to the corner of your previous cut.

Unfold the shirt again.

From the point at the bottom, cut upwards about 6 inches.

Tie the two ends into a double knot.

Method 2

For this other shirt I’m going to cut out the neckline and cut from each shoulder all the way down to the corners. I’m also going to cut a U shape at the bottom to make ties on each end.

Cut out the neckline on the original stitch.

Fold in half and line up the sleeves. Starting about a 1/2 inch in from the original seam, cut from the shoulder down to the bottom corner.

Unfold the shirt.

Cut from one corner to the other making an arc in the middle. I’m going to cut my arc to be 5 inches up from the bottom, using a pin as a guide. Start cutting just above the original hem.

Now just tie the ends into double knots, and it’s finished.

Want to make one from scratch instead? Check out this tutorial: