Buckram Product Guide

Buckram is a stiff supporting fabric used to make drapery headers, hats, purses, and totes.

Traditionally, buckram is a loosely woven cotton fabric that is covered in resin and starch. To form the buckram into shape, it can moistened with water, and then fastened into place until dried, allowing it to harden and form a base for cloth.

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For these applications, 46” wide buckram is perfect for adding stabilizer in the exact shape needed to form your project. While traditionally, this is used for hats and bags, the possibilities are pretty endless, as buckram provides a great structural base to work off of.

More recently, buckram has become popular for making the perfect headers for window treatments. And so it was adapted to very specifically meet drapery needs. We used buckram in the header for our inverted box pleat curtains, and also in our goblet pleat and cartridge pleat curtains.

drapery-buckram Drapery buckram

We carry several different types of drapery buckram by the yard. The first is woven buckram. There are two weights of this 100% cotton buckram, the first has a 52×44 thread count. We also carry a heavier weight woven buckram which is a 76×76 count and is more heavy weight for applications that require a really stiff stabilizer. Both of these are machine washable and dry cleanable.

woven-buckram Woven buckram

The second type is non-woven drapery buckram, this material is made from a polyester/cellulose blend that feels and looks a lot like a high-quality paper. It is not at all easy to tear with your hands, but it is considered a medium weight material. Non-woven buckram is perfect when you need just a little stabilization in your drapery headers.

non-woven-drapery-buckram Non woven drapery buckram

For sheer window treatments that need a header, we carry transparent buckram. This invisible stabilizer is made from 100% Monofilament and is washable and dry cleanable.

transparent-buckram Transparent buckram

Find the perfect Buckram for your project!