How to Make a Fall Centerpiece with Leaves

This simple centerpiece is perfect for fall gatherings, like Thanksgiving. You can also use different colors for any event really. Create an elegant look with monotone white leaves and silver branches for weddings, use pastels for a baby shower, or go with bright multicolored leaves for a birthday party.

We used felt, linen, poplin, and peachskin to create different textures.




Step 1: Spray paint branches

Collect some twigs or branches and spray paint one side. Turn them over and spray the other side.

We used Metallic Copper Rust-Oleum Spray Paint.

Step 2: Cut out leaves

While the paint is drying, cut out a bunch of leaves.

We created templates of two sizes of leaves and cut them out with pinking shears to give them a serrated edge.

Step 3: Hot glue leaves to branches

Dot hot glue onto the branch and attach the leaves. Use the structure of the branch to guide where you place the leaves.

Step 4: Arrange

Arrange the branches in a vase and your fall centerpiece is done!

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