6 Easy Rust-Oleum Projects

Rust-Oleum products are great for turning ordinary objects into fun and festive decorations.  These projects are fall themed, but Rust-Oleum is available in many colors to suit any season. When using these products make sure to follow the instructions listed on the can.





If you apply multiple coats or different products, make sure to let the paint dry completely beforehand.

For this pumpkin I simply sprayed the entire pumpkin with metallic gold.  After letting it dry, I added a coat of glitter gold for some sparkle.


If you want to spray only part of it like I did, you will want to tape over the area you don’t want sprayed for a nice clean edge.

The bottom of this vase was sprayed with metallic copper.  For the stripes, text, and leaves, I used a gold leafing pen.

Wine Goblet

If you plan on drinking out of your project be careful not to spray the inside, you may want to cover the opening.

The bottom of this goblet was sprayed with metallic gold, and the stripes were made by hand with the leafing pen.


For this basket I simply sprayed the entire surface, top and bottom, with satin claret wine.


A couple coats of metallic copper gave new life to this old frame.

Mason Jar

If you plan on storing items in the jar afterwards you may need to cover the opening before spraying.

For this mason jar I applied a coat of metallic copper, then added a coat of satin clear which acts as a sort of sealant.

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