How to Make a Neoprene Face Mask

Finally – our long awaited face mask tutorial.

We are going to show you how to make this mask three ways, the first being so easy, that almost no previous sewing experience is required.

We have been working for several weeks now to get this tutorial out, and we think that you are just going to love the fit of these masks once you try them out. They are super comfortable, can be altered easily for a perfect fit, and in our opinion – are some of the most breathable masks we have found.

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Step 1: Prepare the fabric

To make any variation of this mask you are going to want to start by cutting out a piece of neoprene from both sides of the pattern.

Once you cut out the first side, flip the pattern over and cut out the other side of the mask.

Step 2: Measure

Measure out from the direct center of your chin to your ear. I found that the best place to measure to was just above your earlobe.

You may need to rotate the template to give yourself enough space on the top and bottom to created one continuous loop.

Then take your measurement and line it up to the bottom edge of the mask. Using the ear hole template, mark where your ear will be, by placing the center of the template in the center of where you just measured out to.

If you are making several of the same size, you could always mark this step out on the pattern before hand to save fabric.

Cut the ear hole out and then cut away any excess material, leaving about a half of an inch all the way around the hole you just created.

Step 3: Clip

Now, pin or clip the pieces together so sides match up. If you don’t have pins you could always use bobby pins, tape, or even a chip clip to hold the fabric together.

Step 4: Sew together - Hand Sewing Method:

If you don’t know how to sew an overlock stitch, you can see our tutorial for details!

To hand sew your mask, you can use an overlock stitch. You will want to sew up the front edge of your mask, which is opposite the ear loops. The overlock stitch is when you thread the needle through the loop from your last stitch, so it locks over the top or the edge of your fabric.

Basic Sewing Machine Method

You can also create a mask by using your regular sewing machine. You can use an overlock stitch if your machine has one, or you can use a zig zag stitch right along that front edge. Then go back in with a straight stitch and sew along the inner edge of the zig zag creating a nice smooth seam.

Serger method

If you have a serger machine, the last method is by far the easiest. Simply run that front edge through the machine, and now your mask is complete. You can wear these masks with the seam in or out, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Care Instructions

I would recommend hand washing with your favorite detergent, or a delicate cycle on cold and hanging to dry

Find the perfect neoprene for your masks!