How to Make a No Sew Clear Vinyl Bag

New regulations at major stadiums and concert venues call for clear vinyl bags to speed up stops at security checkpoints, but the bags they sell are usually ugly and have big logos on them. So, I am going to show you how to make a clear vinyl bag that doesn’t require any kind of sewing.

This bag meets most stadium requirements and is a cheap and fashionable alternative to ones you can buy online. It is super easy to make and seriously, who doesn’t love a no sew project?

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Step 1: Assemble the template

Assemble the template which can be downloaded by signing up for our mailing list!


Step 2: Cut the vinyl

Tape the template to the vinyl and cut. Don’t forget to cut into the center lines as the pattern indicates. Make sure your lines are as clean and straight as possible.

Remove the template and fold the bag into shape.

Step 4: Attach Eyelets

On the Short sides of the bag, place one eyelet in the direct center about a half an inch from the top of the bag. This should overlap the two side flaps of vinyl, binding them together.

Also attach three eyelets along the bottom of the short side. One in the direct center, below the first, about ¾ of an inch from the bottom and the other two about a quarter inch from the sides and in line with your center eyelet. Do this to both sides of the bag. See our How to Attach Eyelets Tutorial if you need help with the eyelets.

Step 5: Attach the webbing

Determine the length you want your strap and close the ends of your webbing around the loops of your snap hooks. I am using Black Polypropylene webbing because it can be closed without sewing. See our How to Close Webbing Tutorial for details. Secure both ends with eyelets. Attach the straps to your bag.

Step 6: Snaps

Attach heavy duty snaps along the top edge of your bag. You can do one or two snaps, just make sure they are facing the outer side of your bag. See our How to Attach Snaps Tutorial for details. And now your bag is complete.

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