How to Attach Eyelets with a Dritz Eyelet Kit

Eyelets or grommets great for apparel and arts and crafts. They come in all different sizes and can be used to keep cording from tearing holes in fabric, to add structural support, or for decorative purposes. To use eyelets, you will need a marker, scissors, a hammer, the eyelets themselves and a kit. Many eyelets come with the kit in the package, but double check before purchasing

Eyelets come with two different ends.

The front and outwards facing side of the eyelet is the taller side.

To attach, decide where you want your eyelet. Mark it to the size of the center hole.

attaching-eyelets-7 Mark the position you want your eyelet in with a marker. Use the eyelet itself yo get the right sized mark.

Cut the hole out.

attaching-eyelets-8 Cut out the hole

If it does not close the first time, re-position and try again.

Stick the center of the eyelet through the hole making sure to have the front and outwards facing eyelet on the outer side of your fabric. Put the flat disk in your kit under the frontwards facing end and the hammer end on the back. Gently tap the hammer end with a hammer until the eyelet is closed on itself.

attaching-eyelets-14 Hammer eyelet closed
attaching-eyelets-16 Finished eyelet
attaching-eyelets-15 Finished eyelet backside

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