How to Use Dritz Half Ball Cover Buttons

Half ball cover buttons are commonly used in home décor as buttons for tufting on upholstery, pillows, and cushions. They can also be used in crafts and for fashion and accessories.

You can cover them with any fabric to match your project or as an accent. Dritz Half Ball Cover Buttons are really simple to cover with no special tools required.




Step 1: Cut out the template and fabric

The buttons come in a package that has a template for cutting your fabric on the back.

Start by cutting out the template.

Place it on your fabric and trace halfway around it, then flip it around to complete the circle.

Cut out the circle of fabric.

Step 2: Wrap the fabric

The buttons come in two pieces, which snap together to hold the fabric.

Place the front of the button in the center of the fabric.

The buttons have little teeth on the inside. Wrap your fabric around the button and hook it on the teeth. Start on the opposite sides and work your way around.

Step 3: Snap it together

Then take the back of the button, with the ridge facing down, and snap it onto the button.


For heavier fabrics you may need to use something like a spool of thread to help push it down.

For very lightweight and sheer fabrics, you may want to use two layers of fabric. Or you can use a solid fabric or interfacing under the sheer fabric, if you don’t want to see the shine of the metal through

Now your custom buttons are ready for your project.

Projects Using Dritz Half Ball Cover Buttons:

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