How to Make an Upcycled Floor Pouf

Floor poufs are a really great addition to eclectic or bohemian décor. They are super trendy right now and this one is great because you are making use of an old tire that would otherwise sit forever at the dump.

We LOVE upcycled projects and we know you do too! So, I found these tires on craigslist for free! and I wanted to something fun with them. (I got four and I used two for this project, so I am want to figure out something fun to do with the other two – if you have any ideas please let me know!)

With a little elbow grease (seriously, just an itty bitty amount), you can easily make your own upcycled floor pouf too!




Step 1: Clean the tire

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but chances are, your tire is gross. So get some soapy water and give it a good wipe down.

Step 2: Attach webbing

Make the seat of your pouf.

Spray adhesive where you would like to place the webbing and then staple down two inches from the end of the webbing with about 5 or 6 staples. Then fold the webbing back over itself and staple it again with about 5 or 6 staples.

Cross over to the opposite side of the tire and attach the webbing to the stretcher. Stretch it gently, this won’t be as tight as you usually stretch webbing because you don’t want to deform the tire. It should make a light drumming sound. Staple it in place just like before.

Do this across the whole tire and then weave pieces through those first few rows making sure to staple, then fold over the edge and staple that as well.

Lastly, flip the tire over and place one strip of webbing on the backside directly in the center. This will help you tuft the pouf at the end.

Step 3: Layer padding

Lightly spray the top of the webbing seat with adhesive and place the pillow on top.

Then, flip the tire over on the Dacron and tightly wrap it around the edges and secure it to the bottom with staples.

Cut off any extra dacron.

Step 4: Attach fabric

You may need to cut away excess dacron in some places to staple down the upholstery fabric.

Now place your fabric right side town and flip the seat of the tire onto it.

I will not be creating any folds or seams because I want my fabric to be ruffled around the edges, but you can create nice folds to take care of the excess fabric or measure and sew the fabric into a circular shape.

Pull the fabric and staple it to the inner edge of the tire. Then continue going around the tire and placing staples opposite of each other, allowing the excess fabric to be distributed evenly across the edges.

When you are done stapling, cut away any excess fabric.

Step 5: Tuft

Make your button with using a Dritz Cover Button. See our cover button tutorial if you are not sure how to use this product.

String the button into the tufting twine and loop the ends through the needle. Then, stick the needle directly through the center of the pouf and through the piece of webbing you placed on the bottom of the tire.

Also, take some cotton, webbing, or a scrap piece of fabric and string it onto the needle and twine so your knot will not slip through the hole in the webbing.

Pull as tightly as you can and tie the twine with a slipknot, I had Greg help me with this step by pushing the button in while I tied.

Step 6: Cut out and stick on the bottom

Cut out a piece of felt that is the same size as your tire. Spray around the edges and stick it to the bottom.

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