How to Use Dritz Stitch Witchery

Dritz Stitch Witchery is a fusible bonding web that’s great for no-sew projects. It can also be used for hems and other applications where you don’t want stitches showing.

The bonding tape is a strip of adhesive that melts when ironed to adhere fabric together, creating a permanent bond.

Stitch Witchery comes in various widths from 1/4″ to 2″ and several weights from ultra light weight to super weight. It’s machine washable and can be dry cleaned.

Cotton and other fabrics that can withstand medium to high heat are best to use with the bonding tape.

Fabric glue can be used for similar purposes. See No Sew Methods: Stitch Witchery vs. Fabric Glue to find out which will work best for your project.




Step 1: Place & iron

We recommend testing it on scraps of the fabric you’re using to make sure it adheres correctly. Some fabrics have finishes on them that prevent a good bond, and some fabrics could be damaged by ironing.

Place the Stitch Witchery between two layers of fabric and iron for about 10 seconds per section of the seam. Pick up and place down the iron on the next section instead of sliding it.

Use the steam setting on your iron to create the best bond. You can also place a damp cloth over the fabric when ironing, which helps protect more delicate fabrics.

Step 2: Iron other side

Flip the fabric over and iron the other side for another 10 seconds per section like before.

Once it cools, check the adhesion and iron longer if necessary.


In some cases you may want to adhere the Stitch Witchery to one fabric surface before the other. You can hover the steam iron over the Stitch Witchery to partially melt it, then place the other fabric on top and iron.

This allows for more precise placement and prevents the tape from slipping out of place.

See our box pleat curtains or duvet cover tutorials for more info on using Stitch Witchery for matching patterned fabrics.

You can also use Stitch Witchery when seaming patterned fabric together because it prevents the fabric from moving before sewing, which creates a more accurate match.

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