Amy Butler Talks Creativity

Until today, Amy Butler, to me, was the lady who designs colorful floral quilting cotton fabric. But then, this morning, I came across a video that caught my attention. I clicked on it, with no intention on listening to it. At least not for very long. I did though. The entire one hour and 14 minutes. (While working of course.) And now, I really like Amy Butler. And not for her fabric design talents.

The video was of a conversation between Amy Butler and Artie Isaac, on stage in front of a crowd at the Columbus Museum (Inside the Actor’s Studio style). They casually meandered through many topics, but a central theme of their refreshing and honest conversation was creativity. Is everyone innately creative? What happens when you don’t practice creativity? And how failing at it is a good thing. This spoke to me. Because I dismiss myself as artistically challenged. I struggle to get through the most basic crafting projects. But I spend five days a week among millions of yards of beautiful fabrics and supplies. And here I am just dabbling and just writing about the work of those who are out there actually creating. Amy and Artie are right. How can you possibly hone in on your creative potential if you’re not regularly exercising it? So let’s get on it.