Fabric: the ABC’s of fall fabrics

When the temperature begins to drop and the days get shorter, a lot of us immediately think of our wardrobes.  It is time for chunky cable knit sweaters, leather boots and plaid skirts.  Well the same idea holds true when it comes time to change the “wardrobe” in our homes.  Summery florals, sheer draperies and sunny colors are replaced with warm and inviting fabrics that invite us to sit down with a cup of tea, a good book or maybe a loved one and enjoy some quiet time spent at home.  Let’s take a look at some of the cozy fall fabrics that are available.

We will skip A and B and go right to C since I dont really know any fall fabrics that begin with those letters.  But there are lots of C’s!

Chenille is a soft fabric that looks and feels like pipe cleaners used for crafts.  It means “caterpillar” in french, which is an appropriate name for it.  The yarns give it the look and feel of velvet without the nap.  It is durable and easy to care for and available in many different colors.  Chenille is a favorite for upholstering sofas, chairs and benches.

Corduroy is most often associated with clothing but it can be used in home decor projects as well.  Consider using it to upholster a headboard in a young boy’s bedroom or an ottoman coffee table that receives lots of use.  It is durable and comfortable so use it to sew floor cushions or bean bag chairs for the kids or casual throw pillows on sofas and chairs. The ribbed pattern gives it that casual look.  A smaller wale results in a smooth, almost velvet like feel while the wide wales result in a more visible ribbed pattern.

Let’s skip D and E and head on over to the letter F.  Nothing says fall like a flannel shirt.  You can introduce this same feel to your home decor with flannel sheets on the bed, flannel throws on the couch or colorful flannel upholstery on a footstool, seat cushions or bench.

Fleece just sounds warm and cozy and it is.  Fleece blankets and quilts will warm you up on a chilly evening.  Have several handy for everyone to use on family movie night or when the power goes out.  It is available in a rainbow of colors as well as juvenile patterns, spicy plaids and even your favorite sports team so you can really personalize those blankets.

What is your favorite fall fabric?