Holiday Wall Decals

We are headed to Sweden today — yay! Soooo, that’s my excuse for the fact that my house is completely void of holiday decorations. If you’re in my boat — whether you have a good excuse like I do or not — don’t worry. There’s still time! If you want to do something a little unique, budget-friendly and super simple, take a look at this holiday decor idea from Courtenay of The Creekline House.

Photo Credit: Courtenay at

Photo Credit: Courtenay at

Photo Credit: COurtenay of

Photo Credit: Courtenay of

She simply cut Christmas Tree shapes out of this Premier Prints Ikat Dots Primary Red/Natural Fabric and attached it to the wall. She also used it as gift ribbon. Love it.


Check out more of Courtenay’s holiday entryway decor here at the Creekline House. Also, since Ill be away, I won’t be approving comments or replying as often as usual, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave them. Please do and I’ll reconnect when I can!