New Frozen Fabric!

My sons have been sick for over a week now. Really sick. I suspect the flu, although they had their flu shots months ago. Anyway, stuck in the house when medicines are working their magic, you can only paint, play Trouble, do puzzles and whatnot for so many hours with young boys who aren’t feeling well. So naturally, we’ve been watching a few movies. One of them was Frozen. You may have heard of it? My five-year-old, (who watched Frozen like a thousand times and even acted out whole scenes last year) was all, “I don’t like that movie.” And of course, the little one was concerned about the snow monster. But my husband and I hadn’t seen it since last winter and we rather enjoyed it then, so we convinced them to give it a few minutes, and if they weren’t enjoying it we’d turn it off. Win for the parents.

Then I came in today and saw a few new Frozen Fabrics are up on OFS. So if you’re one of the families out there that made it through Frozen fever of 2014 and still have positive feelings toward Elsa, Anna and Olaf, take a look!

Springs Creative Disney Frozen Sisters Ice Skating Snowflake Badge Fleece Fabric


Springs Creative Disney Frozen Sisters Ice Skating Heart Framed Fabric


Springs Creative Disney Frozen Sisters Ice Skating Snowflake Frames Flannel Fabric


Springs Creative Disney Frozen Olaf Snowflakes Fabric