Simple and Cool Burlap Crafts

The OnlineFabricStore staff has been busy crafting some unique burlap crafts.  They have made several burlap projects, most of which require no sewing.

The banner requires simple cutting and stenciling.  The wreath requires cutting and tying. The memo board also requires no sewing–simply cut, fold, and tack with decorative tacks or nails.

The convenient tote bag was made by sewing a jute webbing border on the upper edge of a burlap bag.  Cotton web was sewn in place to serve as the handles.  Even people with no sewing experience can make this tote; using a ready-made bag and webbing makes it easy.


Burlap is rustic looking and inexpensive.  This once mundane fabric is now available in a variety of colors.  Colored burlap is less coarse than the traditional natural color variety. Irish burlap is also great for making rustic costumes since it is not as rough as traditional burlap and it comes in range of light shades.

This very cute scarecrow was made by one of OnlineFabricStore’s customer service representatives.  The hat is made from orange burlap, simply cut out, wrapped around and tied at the top.  A tacking stitch or glue is used to close the back seam. The hair is made of raffia or raffia twine.

The head can be made with sheeting or white muslin wrapped over a styrofoam ball or stuffing and tied at the neck.  Draw a cute face with a marker, add a felt nose and your have a wonderful, decorative scarecrow.