Back to School Supplies for Teachers

Whether you’re decorating your classroom or planning fun and educational projects and crafts for your students, you’re sure to need lots of supplies and materials.

You might not know that OnlineFabricStore carries a lot of supplies, but we do! Check out these supplies that are essential in many classrooms.

Need fabric too? We, of course, have plenty of that as well. Take a look at popular fabrics for teachers. We also have some projects with video tutorials that you may be interested in.

1. Felt

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Felt is a staple in the classroom. The best thing is it doesn’t fray! Use it to decorate your classroom or for crafts with your students.

We have all sorts of colors and textures of felt that are available in single sheets or by the yard. In addition to the ever-popular rainbow felt, you can also get adhesive backed felt, glitter felt, stiffened felt, plush felt, and more.


2. Glue & Adhesives

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Glues and adhesives are another essential supply. We have spray adhesives, tacky adhesives, permanent fabric glue, and more.


3. Paint

While not for young kids, spray paint is awesome for decorating the classroom and school play sets. We carry many colors and varieties of Rust-Oleum spray paint and paint pens.


4. Twine & Ribbon

Twine is great to have handy. It comes in different sizes and colors for decorative and craft applications. Also, check out our ribbon, which includes, burlap, grosgrain, satin, lace, cotton, and more.


5. Tools

Not only will you find fabric shears in our scissors and shears selection, but you’ll also find regular scissors and pinking shears. Staple guns can also come in handy when decorating your classroom.


Fabric for Teachers

There are many other fabrics to use in the classroom. Some popular choices are:



Clear vinyl


Outdoor Fabric


Projects for Classrooms & Crafts

Floor Cushions

Pencil Holder

Fabric Decoupage

Fabric Cork Board

Mouse Pad

Fabric Flower Bouquet

Felt Flowers


Shop our huge inventory of fabric & supplies to find what you need for your classroom.