Burlap Fabric Product Guide

Burlap fabric has a wide range of uses, from utilitarian to decorative.

If you’re using it for agriculture, landscaping, or other utilitarian uses, inexpensive natural burlap is the best choice.

If you’re using burlap for more decorative purposes, try out more refined Shalimar and Sultana color burlaps that are dyed, finished, and sanitized to remove natural oils and odor. They have a more consistent look and feel, and they also come in a wide range of colors.

Both the natural and color burlaps come in different weights ranging from 5 to 11 oz. The higher the weight, the tighter the weave.

Natural: 5oz, 7oz, 10oz
Shalimar: 8.5
Sultana: 11

Burlap also comes in different widths from 40 to 60 inches.

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Choosing the Right Burlap Fabric

Check out our tips for how to sew with burlap.

There are several things to consider when choosing a burlap. First of all, are you using it for utilitarian or decorative purposes?

Utilitarian Uses

If you’re using it for agriculture, landscaping or other utilitarian uses, the regular natural burlap would work just fine. It may be stamped in places, have seams or other inconsistencies.

Burlap and sagless burlap are traditionally used for in furniture upholstery.

You can also get treated burlap that has a biodegradable, no-rot treatment to extend its life. There’s also laminated burlap and flame retardant burlap. Jute erosion cloth is similar to burlap and is used to stabilize slopes and control soil erosion and the growth of new grass.

Decorative Uses

If you’re using burlap for decorative purposes, you’ll probably want a more refined burlap. Our Shalimar and Sultana color burlaps are dyed, finished and sanitized to remove natural oils and odor. These burlaps have a more consistent look and feel, and they also come in a wide range of colors. You can use this burlap for table runners, wreaths, banners, lamp shades, window treatments, bed skirts, crafts, and much more. It’s particularly popular for wedding decor and holiday decorations, like burlap tree skirts. It is also very popular for wreaths.

The natural burlap is still a great choice and is commonly used for decor because it is so inexpensive and has an authentically rustic and raw look.

burlap-customer-photos Thanks to Louie W, Paul P, Lori B, and Clair K for sharing your burlap projects!


Many burlaps are made using mineral oil, which is a petroleum product. That’s why burlap often has a kerosene-like odor. For a more natural choice, look for hydrocarbon free burlap, which is made with vegetable oil instead.


Burlap should be hand washed with cold water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Do not leave in water to soak. Rinse the fabric well and leave it to dry flat between two towels. For stains, blot the burlap (do not scrub or rub) with a wet sponge, blot up the water with a towel immediately after.

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