How to Sew Burlap

Burlap fabric is popular to use for tree skirts, table runners, craft projects, and more. It can be a little difficult to work with due to it’s loose weave and tendency to fray. Here are some tips for sewing burlap fabric.

How to Sew Burlap

When cutting burlap, it helps to pull out one of the strands where you want the cut to be. Then just cut right where the strand was for a nice straight finish.

1-10 Remove a thread where you want to cut so it cuts evenly

Make sure to use a heavy duty needle when sewing burlap. Set your machine to a short stitch length so the stitch catches all the fibers and strengthens the seam. To keep the edges even, you may want to use a walking foot or wide presser foot.

2-10 Use a heavy duty needle and a short stitch length

Burlap tends to fray a lot, so it helps to use a serger or zigzag stitch along the edges. You may also want to use fray check afterwards.

After sewing burlap, you’ll probably want to wipe down your machine because there will likely be a bunch of loose fibers.

3-11 Finish the edges with a serger or zigzag stitch, and wipe down the machine afterwards

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