Get To Know Domestic Imperfection

Ashley is not only the writer of her blog Domestic Imperfection, but she is also the creator of all her projects along with her husband Adam who makes them come to life. She is a mother of four little boys, and is currently living in her words, a “construction zone” as they’re building their dream home in Texas. We had a chance to chat with Ashley about her blog and get to know a little more about what inspires her.

domestic imperfection

About Domestic Imperfection

“I got into blogging kinda by accident. Well, not by accident…I did start the blog, but I didn’t give it much thought or have any plans for it. I wrote a few posts about projects my husband and I had done around the house and thought that would be it. But six years later here I am, with a hobby blog that also makes an income. It’s a pretty sweet gig, I can’t lie.” 

Ashley doesn’t have a background in design of any kind but definitely has an eye for it. We asked her where she gathers her inspiration from. “Everywhere really. Most of our projects start out with a need, and then I figure out how to make them attractive while still being functional. A lot of the time I start out with a picture in my head and THEN try to find the item I’ve imagined, which is difficult and probably a big reason why my projects take so long. Everywhere I look I see inspiration though, whether it be magazines or catalogs, Pinterest, other blogs, TV shows, or places I go.”

Of course we had to ask her what her favorite fabric is. “Since I do home DIY projects I use home decor fabric, I mostly just upholster furniture and make curtains and pillows. I only make square things though, don’t ask me to sew something that isn’t square.”

Ashley is for sure busy. She also the mom of four little boys and in the middle of building her dream home. We asked her how she finds time for everything. “The answer to this question is easy – I don’t. I have four little boys, am living in a construction zone, and my husband works crazy hours…there is no way to fit everything in, and that is okay. I’m not one of those bloggers you can count on to post three times a week, sticking to a schedule is just not feasible for me. I also not one of those bloggers with a perfectly clean house or projects that go right every time. Hence the name of the blog.” Even though she may  not post three times a week, she sure has built an awesome blog for readers to be inspired and relate to everyday life. “It’s pretty much just me, my pajamas, my computer, and my couch. The four of us make a great team.”

With being busy being a mom of four and keeping up with her blog and DIY projects, she is thankful for her husband Adam, who is supportive and helps bring her projects to life. “He is a huge part of the blog even though you never hear from him. Not only is he super supportive, but he does all the grunt labor around here and is almost always able to make my crazy ideas actually function in real life.” 

Ashley and her husband have created some amazing projects together, and when we asked her what’s the project that she is most proud of, she couldn’t pinpoint a particular one. “I thought about this for a while, and there really isn’t just one project I am most proud of, it’s everything Adam and I have accomplished overall. We bought a fixer upper and actually fixed it up, paid it off, and then sold it for a profit (after living in it for eight years). Then we bought a piece of property and designed and built our dream house, and now we are slowly finishing it. The most popular projects on my blog though are my paper bag floors, painted shower, paisley table, penny countertop, kitchen reveal, and my guest room was always one of my favorites.”

When thinking about the future and where she wants to be in 10 years she said, “Oh goodness, I have no idea if blogging will even be a thing in ten years…but if it is I will probably still be doing the same thing. Hopefully by then we will have finished our home and moved on to flipping houses or something of that nature.”

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