Guide to Automotive Fabric & Supplies

Have a car restoration project coming up? Whether you have a vintage car or a truck that’s seen better days, you’ll need fabric and supplies to restore it to its former glory!

We have a variety of automotive fabrics and supplies for restoring your car or truck. Use this guide to figure out what will work best for your project.

We’ve got what you need to fix up the headlining, carpet, and trunk lining and reupholster the bucket or bench seating. You’ll also find cloths for polishing and detailing and water repellent sprays to protect your hard work from dirt and water damage.

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Headlining, Carpet & Trunk Liner Fabric

Use headlining fabric to replace falling down, dirty, or damaged headliner or you car or truck.

Carpet and trunk liner fabric are great for replacing automotive carpet and the fabric in your trunk.

Faux Leather Vinyl & Suede Fabric

Need to reupholster your car seats? Faux leather vinyl and faux suede fabrics are perfect for this project.

Automotive vinyl is very durable for upholstering your seats and is a great alternative to leather. Vinyl comes in many colors and styles to truly customize your car. You can also use other upholstery vinyl like these.

Sensuede is another great option that has the soft feel of suede and is also highly durable. It is available in dozens of colors, which you can find here.


Cotton upholstery batting is great for re-upholstering seating. It is about two inches thick and is soft yet durable. This cotton batting is popular for vintage car upholstery because it’s an authentic material typically used in antique cars. Shop cotton batting here.

Foam & Padding

Our automotive foam includes several options that are great for padding your car.

20 oz recycled polyester carpet padding is a great choice when putting carpet into a car or even an in-home application. This particular material is great for sound proofing and works best when layered over foam for added vibration proofing. Shop carpet padding here.

Cloth backed sew foam attaches easily to most surfaces and is typically used for the seating and headliners in cars, boat cushion upholstery, and furniture upholstery. It is a thin, durable foam that handles wear and tear well. You can find our cloth backed sew foam here.

Spray Adhesives

Pro Stick has several products out to help with a range of automotive projects.

Pro Stick 55 Multi-Purpose Mist Strap Adhesive quickly creates a heat and water resistant bond. It is great for projects with paper, fabric and wood. The spray comes out as more of a mist so it is good for projects that need general adhesive coverage as opposed to targeted coverage.

Pro Stick 95 Trim Spray Adhesive also creates a quick heat and water resistant bond but is used for more specific projects. This product is great for installing headliners in cars, laminates, speakers, or most materials made of plastic.  The spray comes out  targeted, although the nozzle does have three settings.

Pro Stick 65 Hi-Strength Web Spray Adhesive is great for carpets, foam, laminates, trims, and auto interiors. It has a web spray rather than a mist which is better for heavy duty applications.

Toweling & Wiping Cloths

There are a variety of different automotive towels specially made from cotton fibers to dust and polish in a non-abrasive way. Rymplecloth is a highly absorbent and durable 100% cotton cloth. The wrinkled and crimpled texture traps dust and dirt particles but the soft finish will not scratch fine surfaces. You can find Rymplecloth here.

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