How to Laminate Fabric

Iron-On Vinyl gives you to ability to make any smooth fabric or paper water-resistant. Make your own laminated fabrics to create placemats, tote bags, seat covers, aprons and more. If you’re looking to add vinyl laminate on your next DIY project here is how to get the best results.

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General Directions

Pre-wash your fabric. Even if you don’t intend on washing the finished product, you want to wash off any finishes that may be on the fabric. Do not use any fabric softeners.

prewash-fabric Prewash fabric

Whenever you are working with iron-on interfacings, always make sure you test the adhesive on a scrap piece of whatever material you are working with before starting a larger project.

Preheat iron to medium heat, do not use steam when adhering vinyl.

Peel away the protective paper and put it to the side. Place the vinyl, sticky side down, onto the top of your material or whatever side you want to be laminated. Then put the protective paper on top of the vinyl with the waxy side facing down.

apply-the-vinyl-sticky-side-down-2 Apply the vinyl sticky side down

Always use the protective paper as a barrier, do not touch the iron directly to the vinyl.

Lightly run the iron all over the surface of your project to warm the adhesive slightly and make sure that everything is in place. Firmly press and hold the iron on the protective paper for 8 seconds. Move the iron over slightly, so you are just overlapping that last area you worked on and repeat until the entire surface is laminated.

iron-for-about-8-seconds Iron for about 8 seconds

Flip the project over and press and hold iron on the back of the fabric for an additional 4 seconds. Repeat until entire surface has been heated.

iron-the-back-side-for-4-seconds Iron the back side for 4 seconds

If you need to, at any point, you can use a press cloth or parchment paper.

If you are laminating both sides of the fabric, now is the time to repeat the process on the other side. Make sure you are being mindful about not touching the iron directly to the vinyl.

Allow it to cool completely before sewing or using the material.

Care tips

When needed, wipe clean with damp cloth.

wipe-with-a-damp-cloth Wipe with a damp cloth

If you absolutely have to, you can wash on gentle cycle and line dry. If any peeling or crinkling occurs, cover the vinyl with parchment paper and re-iron.

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