How to Make a Cape and Mask Set

Whether your little hero is in need of a costume for Halloween, dress up, or a snack emergency, this matching cape and mask set will do the job. This reversible cape with matching mask combo will prepare you for when that costume crisis strikes. If you’re feeling fancy, you could also add some decorations or symbols to each piece. Your little superhero will love being able to dress up and save the day!

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How to Make a Cape and Mask Set



Step 1: Make the cape

Print, cut, and tape the pattern together.

Fold the fabric over and pin the pattern to the fold line.

Cut around the pattern, then cut out the hole for the neck.

The measurements used for this pattern are for a 3 and 1/2 year old boy who is about 42 inches tall. The cape is 35 inches in length, with an additional inch added for seam allowance.

If your child is a different height you could easily add or subtract a couple inches from the length.

You can use the provided pattern or use this first piece as a template to cut out the second piece.

Place the right sides of the pieces together and pin.

Starting and ending with a back stitch to lock it on, sew around the perimeter. Leave a gap of about 5 inches.

Also stitch around the neckline.

Mark and sew two curved lines down the center of the top.

Cut between the curves and trim the fabric close to the seams.

Turn it right side out through the gap. Use a pen or something sharp to poke out the flaps.

Straighten the seams and tuck in the fabric at the gap. I’m pinning it now to keep the edges flat.

Press the edges and sew a top stitch along the entire perimeter.

At this point you could be done, but I’ll be adding a fastener to make suiting up super fast.

Wrap the strips around your neck and mark where you want the snaps to be.

Hand sew the bottom sides of the snaps to one of the neck strips.

Double check that your original markings still line up.

Sew the snap tops to the opposite side of the other neck strip.

Step 2: Make the mask

Now it is time to make the mask.

Cut two pieces of felt using the mask pattern. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the eyes.

Cut a piece of elastic that’s about 12 inches long.

Pin the pieces together and add the elastic between the layers where the pattern indicates.

Sew around the perimeter of the mask starting and ending with a back stitch.

Stitch around the eye areas and the mask is done!

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