How to Make a Little Girl’s Tutu

Tutu’s always look so cute on little girls.  They’re easy to make and there’s no sewing required.  You can make a solid colored tutu or alternate colors for a fun look.


DIT Little Girl's Tutu Tutorial - Materials



Step 1: Sewing the elastic

Take an 18″ strip of the white elastic and stitch the ends together, overlapping them a half an inch.  Zigzag stitch them together with the elastic thread in the bobbin.  Elastic thread allows the waistband to stretch without snapping.  Threading the elastic on top can cause damage to your machine.

Step 2: Cutting the tulle and ribbon

Cut twenty 2 x 12 inch strips out of the three tulle fabrics.  Once they’re cut, pile them on top of each other.  At the bottom, cut a 45 degree angle for a sharp finish.

Cut strips out of the ribbon 24 inches long and cut the ends at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Tying the tulle and ribbon

Cut strips of the ribbon 24″ long and cut the ends at a 45 degree angle.  Take the strip of tulle, fold it in half, and place the loose ends under the elastic. Take the folded part of the tulle, loop it over the loose ends, pull through, and push upwards into a knot.  Alternate the different colors and add the ribbon after every 9 colors until the tutu is full.

Can't decide what color tulle to use? Check out colors here.