How to Sew a Flat Felled Seam

A flat felled seam or run and fell seam is a sturdy seam used for apparel. Most notably in jeans and workout apparel.

To sew a flat felled seam, sew your fabric with wrong sides together and a seam allowance that is double the width of the finished seam.

flat-felled-seam-1-3 Pin with wrong sides together
flat-felled-seam-2-3 Sew

Cut one end of the seam allowance down to ¼ inch.

flat-felled-seam-3-3 Cut

Press the seam to the side with the cut seam allowance.

flat-felled-seam-4-3 Press

Fold the intact seam allowance in half so the raw edge is folded under and pin.

flat-felled-seam-5-3 Fold the seam over

Press again.

Sew the folded seam down 1/8 of an inch from the fold.

flat-felled-seam-6-3 Sew

And now your flat felled seam is complete.

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