Phifertex Fabric Product Guide

Phifertex is a durable outdoor fabric that withstands the test of time. Water, flame, UV, and fade resistant, this sling chair mesh is perfect for all kinds of outdoor sling furniture, sun and wind screens, tote bags, table runners, and placemats.

With microban technology, Phifertex’s antimicrobial properties prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria throughout the lifetime of the fabric. Messes or spills can be wiped away easily with a damp cloth.

The mesh is made of strong polyester yarns that are coated with PVC vinyl. This material is breathable and dries quickly but keeps its shape but does not stretch under weight and heavy use.

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Phifertex Standard Solids

The standard solids collection is a great choice for basic applications. Perfect for tote bags, cots, field jump pits, horse masks, and sunscreens, the open weave of this material allows dirt and crumbs to pass through easily making it the perfect multipurpose fabric.

Phifertex Plus

With a tighter weave than its standard cousin, Phifertex Plus still offers all of the same benefits, but is stronger, and slingable! It is built to not rip, fade, or sag for years of inclement weather and heavy use. This collection is perfect for outdoor sling chairs, umbrellas, and awnings that sit out in the heat of the summer.

Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves

The Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves collection is the perfect sling mesh for more natural looking outdoor furniture. Made to look like wicker, rattan, or cane, these blends are great for chairs, privacy and wind screens, and cabana furniture, but are much more durable than their organic doppelgangers.

Phifertex Jacquard

The Jacquard collection is where an extremely durable vinyl coated polyester fabric meets intricate designs. Perfect for outdoor furniture, this sling chair mesh will stay looking new through years of weather, children, pets, and parties.

Working with Phifertex

Phifertex is practically maintenance free but occasionally cleaning it with a water and bleach solution will keep it looking brand new for years.

When cut, Phifertex does not fray, which makes it great for projects like these No-Sew Placemats. It can be cut with scissors, a rotary cutter, or a utility knife.

Phifertex can be sewn easily with a regular sewing machine, upholstery weight thread, and a heavy weight needle like one for denim. A regular sewing foot or walking foot is recommend for Phifertex products. With these basic tools you can get to sewing your next project.

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