Satin Fabric Product Guide

Satin fabric is still often made from silk, but the more popular polyester version today is just as silky smooth and found at a more affordable price. It’s great for everything from formalwear and gowns to costumes, dancewear, and event decoration. You can choose from many colors and textures, shiny or matte, but no matter which satin you select it’s always associated with a lavish softness and that signature satin sheen.

Our premium bridal satin is the perfect material for formalwear and wedding dresses, apparel linings, event décor, and so much more. It’s a heavyweight satin with a sleek sheen and a lovely drape fit for a bride. This is the best quality polyester satin on the market. We carry dozens of colors to go with many wedding color palettes.

Costume satin is a great alternative to bridal satin when you need an even more affordable option. Besides costumes, it’s popular for event décor, draping, backdrops, and other projects where large quantities are needed. It’s a mediumweight fabric with a nice sheen, and drapes well.

Crepe back satin has a smooth, high sheen face while the back has a matte crepe texture. This satin is lightweight and drapes wonderfully with the added benefit of being reversible. Premium crepe back satin is heavier and is a good choice for many apparel projects, especially formalwear.

Matte satin (also known as peau de soie) has a matte finish with a very soft sheen. It is lightweight, drapes beautifully, and can create lovely volume.

Stretch satin is perfect for apparel that needs to form well to the body. Our Stretch L’Amour Satin has a low luster finish similar to matte satin.

Jacquard satin is unique because of its floral print and varied textures. The background has a smooth sheen while the floral print is slightly rougher.

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