Sequin Fabric Product Guide

Sequin fabric, available in different colors and sizes, is often used for dance outfits, apparel, throw pillows, and event décor.

3mm sequins have metallic sequins that lie flat on the surface, giving it a smooth, shiny look and feel. They are lightweight, stretchy, and have a semi-sheer backing made of a 90/10 polyester/metallic blend.

Glitz sequin fabric also has 3mm sequins but they are sewn onto a lightweight stretch mesh nylon backing. These sequins are raised to give a textured look and feel. This fabric drapes beautifully and is popular for gowns and event tablecloths and overlays.

Reversible sequin fabric has one color on one side and another on the other side. When you rub your hand in different directions, the sequins change colors so you can make shapes and patterns in the sequins. This fabric is not stretchy and has an opaque backing.

The most common use for sequin fabric is apparel. Everything from dresses and skirts to costumes and doll clothes look great using sequins. Other applications for sequin fabric include wedding table decor (runners/tablecloths) and theater/photography backdrops.

Since the backing fabric of the Glitz and 3mm sequins is see-through, you’ll want to add a lining for apparel projects. Charmeuse, taffeta, and jersey cotton are good choices. Use a stretchy lining for the sequin fabrics that have stretchy backings.

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Sequins can be fairly difficult to work with. Make sure not to use your best pair of scissors as the sequins will dull the blade. Putting down a drop cloth to catch the sequins that come off when cutting may be helpful.

Since sewing through sequins can break sewing needles, its often recommended that you use a seam ripper to remove the sequins where you’re going to sew. However, this can be tiresome and time consuming. If you choose to not remove the sequins first, we recommend using a leather needle. Make sure to sew slowly and carefully.

Ironing the fabric may damage the sequins, using a scrap of muslin on the sequins will most likely prevent damage. When cleaning, don’t put sequin fabric in the washer. Dry cleaning is the best way to go.

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