Velvet Fabric Product Guide

Velvet is a luxurious fabric used in both apparel and décor. Since velvet was a complicated and expensive fabric to make before industrial looms, it’s associated with royalty and luxury.

Velvet that is used for apparel is lightweight, soft, and plush with a lustrous sheen and nice drape. Apparel velvets include stretch velvet, classic velvet, triple velvet, and panne velvet.

Upholstery velvets are thicker and have a stiff backing, so they won’t drape as well. They aren’t as shiny as many apparel velvets, but they have a nice luster and feel.

Apparel Velvets

Stretch velvet is made with spandex to make it stretchy. It can stretch up to 25% in any direction, so it’s good for clothing and costumes. It’s shinier than the micro velvet.

Panne velvet is also a crushed velvet, but the pile is flattened just in one direction, so it looks different from the crushed stretch velvet. Unlike all the others, this panne velvet has a knit back instead of woven, so it is also stretchy, but just side to side, not up and down. It’s also a lighter weight than the rest.

Upholstery Velvets

JB Martin makes several beautiful upholstery velvets. The Como and Cannes are cotton velvets. They aren’t as shiny as many of the apparel velvets, but have a nice luster and feel. The Cannes velvet has subtle horizontal striations giving it a different look. JB martin also makes luxurious mohair upholstery velvet.

Bella velvet is a micro velvet made out of polyester. It has a very soft feel and isn’t too shiny.

You can also get crushed flocked upholstery velvet.

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