Burlap Bags Product Guide

Mostly used for agriculture, landscaping, and everything DIY, burlap bags can carry almost anything you can fit in them. Most of them are plain, but they can also come with a printed design. Some printed bags are used bags that may still have the odor of what they originally contained, while other printed bags are reproductions. You can also find hydrocarbon free burlap bags which have been treated with a vegetable oil base to remove burlap’s strong natural odor as well as the oils found in the jute.

Our burlap bags are available in different sizes. We also offer large bags with printed reproductions. All of these jute bags have a wide variety of possible uses.

Whether in yardage or bag form, burlap is often used for agricultural purposes like erosion control, plant coverings, storage, and more. Gardeners use burlap frequently because of its eco-friendly biodegradable properties.

Burlap is popular for rustic decoration at events like weddings and parties. You can also use it at home for pillow covers and window treatments. Jute bags can easily be converted into these décor projects as well as others like lampshades and furniture upholstery. Keep in mind, burlap is rough and scratchy!

One of the most popular uses for our larger burlap bags is for potato sack races. We’ve also seen people convert burlap bags into reusable market totes. There’s no wrong way to use burlap bags!

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Burlap is often made using mineral oil which gives it a kerosene like odor that some may find unpleasant. For odor-free burlap bags, go for the hydrocarbon free bags.

To remove creases, you can iron burlap with the iron on the high steam setting. It may help if you spray the burlap beforehand to dampen the fabric. Using muslin or scrap of fabric between the iron and burlap is recommended.

Make sure not to leave burlap bags soaking when washing, and only wash by hand. Click here to learn more about burlap fabric.

1-15 Burlap bags used as farmhouse curtains

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