Can You Create Clothing with Home Decor Fabric?

When I post photos of fabric on our Facebook page or Instagram, our OFS community usually leaves a pretty wide array of comments. You know, one might say “That’d be awesome for a quilt” while another says, “Perfect for a handbag.” I love all the comments and that people take the time to engage with us. But sometimes I think to myself, actually, this [fill in the blank] fabric wasn’t really meant for that. Because certain types of fabric serve a specific purpose — upholstery fabric is heavy so it can work for upholstery projects, apparel fabric has give or is lightweight for making clothing, and so on.

A while back I posted this Waverly Lotus Lake Porcelain fabric on Instagram. It’s a home décor fabric made of 100% cotton chintz, and is mostly meant for drapery, throw pillows and maybe light-use upholstery needs. (Sorry, this fabric is no longer available!)

Super talented sewing blogger, Liz from Simple Simon and Co. left this intriguing comment:

“I think it has potential to make a fun summer pencil skirt…”

And well…she was right! Except I think it’d be lovely to wear in the fall, winter and spring too!

Get more looks of Liz’s décor fabric pencil skirt here.

We’ve also used home décor fabric for a skirt in one of our tutorials, How to Make a Circle Skirt. The fabric was a heavier weight but still turned out great, giving the skirt a nice drape.

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