Faux Suede Fabric Product Guide

Faux Suede has a soft and supple texture. Our basic microsuede is a lightweight faux suede made out of fine micro denier polyester fibers.  It has the look and feel of real suede at a much lower cost. Sensuede and Ultrasuede® are high performance options for a more luxurious feel and higher-end appearance.

Common uses include pillow covers, quilting trim, jackets, and bags. It can also be used in home decor for projects including ottomans, headboards, and lightly used furniture.

Sewing Tips

Faux suede is flexible but doesn’t have much stretch. It is a non-woven fabric and doesn’t fray, making it fairly easy to work with.

Since faux suede has a short nap, decide which way you want the nap to go before cutting. When sewing faux suede fabric, use a strong sharp needle (about #14). Set your stitch length to be a little longer than normal. A short stitch length will create lots of holes in close proximity, which may lead to tearing. You’ll also want to lower the tension a bit.

Pins will make permanent holes in faux suede, so binder or sewing clips are a better choice. Try not to stretch the material as you sew. If you find your faux suede to be slippery when sewing, it would help to use a Teflon presser foot. You can also use matte tape on a regular foot.

Dry cleaning is recommended.

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